Monthly Archive: March 2012


You Can Reverse Cat Diabetes By Changing Diet

As if more proof was needed that you can reverse cat diabetes by changing diet, I came across a thread where people had done just that. The thread is really about how difficult or impossible it is for a cat with cat diabetes to be adopted...

Scared To Give Insulin Shots To A Diabetic Cat

I came across a post from a cat owner who was scared to give insulin shots to a diabetic cat of his. This is quite understandable if you have never administered an injection before and have never been properly taught...

Insulin Doesn’t Appear To Be Reducing Their Diabetic Cat’s Sugar Levels

I read an interesting thread where a distressed owner stated that insulin doesn't appear to be reducing their cat's sugar levels and the vet is asking them to seriously consider putting the cat down! Well let's examine what could be going on here. The cat is 14 years old and four months ago was diagnosed with feline diabetes...

A High Carbohydrate Diet Can Lead To Cat Diabetes

It is becoming more and more obvious that a high carbohydrate diet can lead to cat diabetes. However if your cat is on insulin and you start to reduce carbohydrate intake without lowering insulin you could be putting your cat at risk...

Diabetes In Cats Is Up 16% Over Four Years

A Banfield Pet Hospital study shows that diabetes in cats is up 16% over four years from 2006 to 2010 and the increased incidence is likely to be as a result of lifestyle with obesity and inactivity both being contributory factors. This is something that I have spoken about before at length...