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Owner Is Exhausted From Looking After A Cat Newly Diagnosed With Cat Diabetes


I recently saw a post where the owner is exhausted from looking after a cat newly diagnosed with cat diabetes and is wondering how having a diabetic cat impacts other owners lives. Yes, I have explained many times before, initially it can be quite daunting. You need to check blood sugar levels at home, you need to be able to give insulin shots and you need to ensure that feeding occurs at the correct times. But after a short while it will become routine and […]

Cat Diabetes And High Blood Pressure


A cat owner whose 15 year old cat has cat diabetes and high blood pressure has asked an online vet for advice as the cat has been behaving abnormally for the last few days. The cat had also recently had a stroke and has been prescribed a drug for high blood pressure. “ cat is 15 and has diabetes. Almost 2 months ago he “threw a clot” and was put  on Plavix. He also recently (2.5 weeks ago) had his […]

The Best Food For Diabetic Cats


A cat owner from Minnesota asks what is the best food for diabetic cats. She already has a diabetic cat and has been feeding it ‘hard science diet’ and her other cat has recently been diagnosed with cat diabetes and she is having problems managing the illness in that cat. “I was wondering what the best food to use is? I have a diabetic that has been regulated on hard science diet for about 5/6 years, now his brother is diabetic […]

Obesity Has Become a Serious Health Concern In Cats


Obesity has become a serious health concern in cats writes Evelyn Vega. This is something that I have written about many times before. Obesity can lead to cat diabetes, joint disease and other problems. It would seem that even though the number of pet cats has increased and now outnumbers pet dogs, the number of veterinary visits has decreased and as cats are so good at hiding illnesses, it usually measn that by the time the illness is discovered it is already […]

Symptoms Of And Treatments For Cat Diabetes


A few years ago cat diabetes was seen as a rare affliction however over the last few years there has been a surge in cases and it is important to be aware of the symptoms of and treatments for cat diabetes. Here is a good easy to understand article:- “Like diabetes in humans, diabetes in cats is also caused by the body’s inability to produce or use insulin properly. What does feline diabetes mean for your pet? Does it mean that […]