Monthly Archive: August 2012


How Pet Food Is Making Your Cat Obese And Diabetic

Grains, fruits and vegetables maybe good for us humans but when will the 'Experts' learn that these food groups are not meant for cats!! Cats have naturally evolved to eat a high protein meat diet. A cats natural foods are small rodents, birds and mammals, which are generally eaten lock stock and barrel...

Prevent Cat Diabetes

Some experts  now agree that it is possible to prevent cat diabetes. At last the realisation has come about that because after a change of diet, in many cases, cat diabetes reverses, it must therefore be possible to prevent cat diabetes in the first place by feeding the kitten or cat correct food! Hallelujah!! "Some experts believe that diabetes in cats is a problem that can be avoided completely by feeding kitties the right kind of diet...

Cat Diabetes Is On The Rise

  Diabetes is one of the fastest growing illnesses in people but did you know that cat diabetes is on the rise as well. There are two types of diabetes...