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Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs


Tongue in cheek scientific facts and observations as to why cats are better than dogs. Enjoy! Did you know that cats may have been living harmoniously with man from as early as 3000 BC and archaeological evidence point to the African Wild Cat being the ancestor of the domestic cat. The Ancient Egyptian grain stores by the river Nile probably attracted lots of rodents which  the cats helped to cull thereby endearing themselves to people. This would have started a […]

Funny Cats!


Looking after unwell cats can be quite stressful and traumatic. Here is a great video that shows you just how fun and idiotic cats can be!  

Supplements For Cat Diabetes


There are supplements for cat diabetes that you can give to your cat that can help prevent cat diabetes and also help with remission. Cat diabetes, also called feline diabetes or diabetes mellitus in cats is when the cat pancreas cannot produce enough insulin or the cells of the body lose their capacity to utilize insulin. The usual symptoms of cat diabetes include, increased urination, excessive thirst, weaker back legs, increase or decrease in appetite and lethargy. We and many […]

Cat Has Increased Urine But Seems Fine


An owner says that his cat has increased urine but seems fine. His cat, Squish, is twelve years old and is urinating more than normal. She normally drinks 2.5 cups of water a day and eats about a cup a day of cat food. Squish was being fed on Buffalo Blue cat food (I’m not quite sure what that is?) but once the increased urination was noticed she’s being fed on 50% dry food and 50% percent wet food. So apart form […]

Types of Insulin Used to Treat Cat Diabetes


There are a number of types of insulin used to treat cat diabetes. The problem is that none of these types of insulin is exactly like cat insulin. So generally the best insulin for your particular cat is found through trial and error. “Many vets prescribe human insulins. These are cheap and easy to get and work very well for many cats. Humulin N, L and U are three that are typically prescribed. The N insulin is a short acting insulin […]