Monthly Archive: September 2012


Funny Cats!

Looking after unwell cats can be quite stressful and traumatic. Here is a great video that shows you just how fun and idiotic cats can be! httpv://youtu...

Supplements For Cat Diabetes

There are supplements for cat diabetes that you can give to your cat that can help prevent cat diabetes and also help with remission. Cat diabetes, also called feline diabetes or diabetes mellitus in cats is when the cat pancreas cannot produce enough insulin or the cells of the body lose their capacity to utilize insulin...

Another Raw Food Recipe

Another raw food recipe for cat owners. At last people are coming to the realisation that cats are not high carbohydrate eaters and their natural diet is the best diet to give to prevent diseases such as cat diabetes...

How To Make Raw Cat Food

The correct diet is extremely important if you would like your cat to live a happy healthy life. Unfortunately most commercial cat foods contain ingredients that are alien to a cats natural diet, which in the wild would consist of raw rodents, birds and mammals...