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Daily Routine Of Her Diabetic Cat


Anne details some of the daily routine of her diabetic cat, Symba. Diabetes amongst pets is on the increase as it is in humans and the theme for American Diabetes Month 2012, which is this November,  is “A Day in the Life of Diabetes”. The cause of this increase is linked to the growing obesity epidemic, lack of exercise and poor diet. “Symba was the cat who came to me shortly after I graduated from veterinary school. He became acutely […]

Roadrunner The Jogging Cat

roadrunner jogging cat

Exercise in cats, as in humans, is important to help maintain an ideal weight. As long ‘Roadrunner’ keeps up its jogging regimen then its chances of becoming overweight and at high risk from feline diabetes are minimal. In case your cat thinks it’s too late to start jogging then you can try out other games and activities to keep it fit.

Al The Diabetic Cat


Here is a video of  Al the diabetic cat, a 12-year-old grey tabby with diabetes. Almost two years ago Al lost control of his back legs and became very ill. Now although his weight had risen to over 25 pounds, the vets did not diagnose Al until he became comotose. Earlier they said he had a weight problem and just needed to exercise more. Quite amazing that this vet did not think to do a blood sugar test! His owner decided […]

Early Signs Of Feline Diabetes Was Corrected With Food


A Cat owner has shared his story of how early signs of feline diabetes was corrected with food. His ten year old Mainecoon cat has always been fed on dry food. He recently discovered that the cat was drinking and urinating much more than usual and was just not his normal self. He carried out his own research and discovered that the food he had been feeding was the problem. He changed to a diet high in protein, low in […]

Forget About Feline Diabetes


Take another time out and forget about feline diabetes for a bit while watching this ‘cats are a barrel of laughs’ video. I don’t understand how some people can’t stand cats!     Remember that initially it can be quite stressful looking after a diabetic cat, but after a while it becomes routine but in the early phases  it is important to not let things get on top of you and on occasion to forget about feline diabetes. There are […]