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Feline Disease

Feline Disease Though cats like humans and other pets have their common diseases, there is one particular feline disease that is on the rise with in the feline family. Autoimmune disease is a feline disease and occurs when the immune system attacks the body through use of antibodies and lymphocytes (white blood cells)...
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Cat Vomiting

Cat Vomiting   Cat vomiting is nothing out of the ordinary, but how can you tell when it is cause for concern. It is really hard to tell since for cats vomiting is so normal and there are so many variables that go into a cat’s health...
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Feline Stomatitis

Feline Stomatitis Feline stomatitis is a mouth disease that is occurring in cats at an increasingly younger age. When infected with this disease the mouth becomes inflamed and red...
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Hyperthyroidism Cat

Hyperthyroidism Cat When a cat has a big appetite most pet owners take it as a good sign that the cat is healthy and strong but it could be a hyperthyroidism cat or the cat could be suffering from another illness. Sometimes things are not as they always appear...
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My Cat Is Constipated

My Cat is Constipated “ My cat is constipated ,” is becoming a common saying among cat owners. As in humans, the cause of constipation in cats is the diet...