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Adopting A Diabetic Cat 0

Cats and Rabies

Cats and Rabies This information is useful if you live in a country where Rabies exists and is not a one off occurance. Rabies is a viral medical condition that affects a cat's brain function and other parts of his body...

Getting Rid Of Fleas On Cats

Getting Rid Of  Fleas On Cats  If you're a cat owner you are aware of the irritation that fleas cause cats and it causes  the cat to scratch uncontrollably. If you are not sure which remedy is the best for getting rid of fleas on cats, meet with the veterinarian because he may prescribe certain medications or shampoos that are the most effective for your cat...
Blood Disorders in Cats 0

Vitamins and Minerals for Cats

Vitamins and Minerals for Cats As humans, cats need a daily intake of vitamins and minerals and they are important to the overall health of the cats. Although the main way for cats to get their vitamins and minerals through food, the vitamins and minerals for cats in food are not always adequate enough so in these cases you can purchase a bottle of liquid vitamins because the liquid vitamins boost the cat's immune system, improve his vision and skin, and contribute to good cardiovascular health...