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Cat Hair Problems

Cat Hair Problems Just like you need to look after your cat's internal problems, you should also care for your cat's hair and there are several cat hair problems that you want to be aware of so that you'll know how to spot them. Cheyletiella dermatitis is a cat hair condition in which cats develop mites in their hair and  if this condition is not treated quickly, she will get dandruff and sometimes a loss of patches of hair...
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Cat Pregnancy

Cat Pregnancy You may wonder if your cat is pregnant because you are seeing possible symptoms of it and in this situation you want to confirm it by taking her to the veterinarian. The pregnancy term of cats lasts up to 67 days and if she hung out with an unnneutered male cat while outdoors and in heat, there is a strong chance that she is pregnant...
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Leukemia in Cats

Leukemia in Cats  Leukemia in cats is actually the result of a virus in cats called Feline Leukemia Virus. This illness is so severe and contagious that many cats who develop it die within a short period of time after the diagnosis...
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Cat Dental Care

Cat Dental Care As with other aspects of your cat's health, cat dental care is also important because it ensures that your cat's teeth are healthy and strong. You should brush your cat's teeth twice a week to remove the stains and bacteria buildup that resides on it from the food he eats...
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Heart Failure in Cats

Heart Failure in Cats You want to know about heart failure in cats because as your cat gets older, he is more prone to developing heart problems. Heart failure occurs when your cat does not pump adequate amounts of blood through his body...
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Foods Cats Can Eat

Foods Cats Can Eat  Just like dogs, cats can eat certain human foods and there are other human foods that are off limits to cats. If you are not sure which human foods are safe for cats, you need to talk with your veterinarian and you can also read pet health articles and books on this topic...