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Male Cat Behaviour

Male Cat Behaviour  If you just adopted a male cat, you want to learn everything you can about male cat behavior so you can know how to treat him and live well with him. According to some pet care experts, male cats tend to be friendlier and less aggressive than female cats although some male cats can get aggressive and even violent at times depending on the cat...
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Digestive Problems in Cats

Digestive Problems in Cats  It is important that you understand the digestive problems in cats because there may be times when your cat will struggle with stomach problems and you will need to know what to do should the problems arise. Your cat's veterinarian is best person to help you identify and solve the cat's digestive problems and there are other books and magazine articles you can read on this topic...
Increasing Your Cat's Metabolism 1

Increasing Your Cat’s Metabolism

Increasing Your Cat's Metabolism  Cats generally have high rates of metabolism but there are times when your cat may experience low metabolism and this may be because of obesity as well as genetics and other factors. If your cat is obese and it is hurting his metabolism, here are ways that you can boost the cat's metabolism...