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How to Train a Cat

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How to Train a Cat If you own a cat, you might be surprised how easy it can be to train a cat. It can be to remove an unwanted behavior or to teach the cat a new trick and build a bigger bond with your pet. It is important to realize that it is not going to be overly difficult to teach a cat of any age the difference between right and wrong behavior around your home. This can […]

When a Cat Stops Eating

when a cat stops eating

When a Cat Stops Eating When a cat stops eating it is important to know what to do about it. To know what to do  is important; it can save the cat’s life if there is a serious condition that is the underlying cause. It can be a time of worry, is your cat just being fussy or is there a medical condition that is causing the cat to stop eating is something that only a vet can truly rule out. But […]

Symptoms of Feline Diabetes

symptoms of feline diabetes

Symptoms of Feline Diabetes It is important that you are aware of the symptoms of feline diabetes, especially if you own a cat that is overweight. A cat that is overweight is more likely to develop the condition than a cat that is kept in top health. An overweight can is putting stress on the functions of the body and this can increase the amount of sugar in the blood. This means that the body has to work harder to produce […]

Periodontal Disease In Cats

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Periodontal Disease In Cats Periodontal disease in cats is something that will affect 70% of all cats and this can be a scary thought. Your cat relies on you to make sure that their health and well-being is taken care of. But are you letting your cat down by not taking care of their teeth, gums and bones in their mouths? It is important that you consider their oral hygiene and this can only be completed if you are truly […]