Monthly Archive: April 2014

Royal Veterinary College Launches New Feline Diabetic Remission Clinic 1

Clinic Dedicated To Cat Diabetes

Two new research clinics recently opened that are researching cat diabetes at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) in Hertfordshire.  By nature cats used to have to hunt to feed themselves...
Feline Company Relieves Stress 0

Feline Company Relieves Stress

Feline Company Relieves Stress More and more people are finding that pets are better companions in more ways than one as research reveals feline company relieves stress. Although dogs take the front page news most of the time, cats are interesting feline creatures that seem to offer a remedy for relieving stress...
Understanding Cat Behavior 0

Understanding Cat Behavior

Understanding Cat Behavior So you just purchased a new cat and now you will need to understand cat behavior so that you can understand how your cat acts, especially if there are strange behaviors your cat engages in that you are not familiar with. If your cat lets out a long and strained meow, it means that he is probably frustrated, tired or even angry...
The Most Effective Natural Ways of Treatments for Cat Diabetes 0

The Most Effective Natural Treatments for Cat Diabetes

The Most Effective Natural Treatments for Cat Diabetes Feline diabetes is a condition in which a cat's pancreas does not produce the correct amount of insulin, which le ads to symptoms such as severe weight loss or gain, recurrent urinary tract infections, frequent urination and thirst.  According to a research, today approximately 1 cat out of 400 cats suffers from feline diabetes...