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Top 5 Cat Symptoms 0

The Top 5 Cat Symptoms

You know your cat and you generally know when something is wrong . These are the Top 5 Cat Symptoms that should have you thinking if they appear in your cat...

How To Keep Your Cat’s Eyes Healthy

Cats can have so many eye problems and it is a shame to see that pet owners fail to understand how important it is to constantly check the eyes during check-ups. The vet will always analyze the eyes during an exam but cat owners rarely do so...

How Does An Indoor Cat Get Fleas?

So many cat owners are surprised to see that their indoor pet has fleas. It may seem illogical because the cat does not go out and people are used to flea problems with dogs...
cat care after your death 0

Cat Care After Your Death

Cat Care After Your Death Having a pet cat is good health therapy for many cat owners but are there good ‘cat care after your death’ services. What would happen to the cat with the demise of its owner...
Adopting A Diabetic Cat 0

Adopting A Diabetic Cat

Unfortunately there are some owners who when they discover their cats are diabetic panic and either have the cat put down or give it to a charity to rehome. Adopting a diabetic cat is something that most people do not want to do , they would understandably prefer to have a healthy cat or kitten...