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Cat survives 3 days without food & water


Cat teaches us how to survive in a ruined hotel for three days, without any food or water Image credit: A cat has attracted the attention of the media during recent days, in the town of Porthcawl, Wales. Sarah Booth, the owner of Gaston, says she hear him meow behind a security door, but was incapable of getting next to him. Police finally came to his rescue on Monday, after she got their help. Although Sarah is the owner […]

A kitty poop parasite may be able to treat cancer


A kitty poop parasite may be able to treat cancer Toxoplasma gondii is an intestinal parasite that can be transmitted to humans. Individuals can come into contact with it by playing with their cats. Most of us pet owners know that cats wash themselves by licking their fur, but they also attend to their more private areas. While petting their heads and the sides of their faces, we can gather microscopic eggs of the parasite on our fingers. Toxoplasmosis is […]

Why do cats mark their territory? How do they do it?


Why do cats mark their territory? How do they do it? For cats, marking is of utmost importance, especially from a behavioral point of view. Some cats may mark their humans, other may mark the spaces they live in, but most of them use both methods to signal that they belong there. In an unknown space, a cat usually marks territory by scratching, head-bunting and spraying. They do it because it is a way of defining that particular environment and […]

How to know if your cat’s been poisoned


How to know if your cat’s been poisoned As a vet, I’ve had experiences with cats and dogs being poisoned. The greatest issue, in this case, is not knowing what toxic substance is to be incriminated for the actual poisoning. There are a bunch of things to look out for, and let me tell you, from the beginning, that if you let your cats out in the wild and your neighbors are trying to get rid of rats… something is […]

How to bathe your cat

cat bath

How to bathe your cat   Image credit: thethingswewouldblog Most of us, regular cat owners, who like to adopt stray cats, instead of buying them, are keen on knowing how it’s proper to clean a cat. As you have probably heard by now, cats don’t particularly love water. Although their ancestors/relatives, wild big cats such as the tiger actually enjoy taking baths with their families, pet cats are not huge fans of their owners washing them. The first tip we […]