Monthly Archive: February 2015

Homemade Food for Cats 0

Homemade Food for Cats

Homemade Food for Cats No matter how hard manufacturers for cat food make an effort to produce super quality feline's food, processed food can never contain all the ingredients cats' ancestors had found in the wild. Any isolated vitamin or nutritive element cannot completely replace the same nutrient in its existing form in nature...
How Do Cats Learn? 0

How Do Cats Learn?

How Do Cats Learn. When we see a young kitten exploring the outside world, we are usually astonished by the quickness they adopt toilet habits, recognise different sounds of opening the food containers, and the way they explore a new territory...
Nebelung Cats 0

Nebelung Cats

Nebelung Cats Nebelung cats, a newly discovered cat's breed, are known as "Creature of Mist". They acquire a name from German word Nebel, which means mist or fog...
How Cats Own Their Owners 0

How Cats Own Their Owners

How Cats Own Their Owners Cats are independent and intelligent beings that know what they want and how to get it. These characteristics are, at the same time, the main reason cat owners unconditionally adore them...
Why Do Cats Stare? 0

Why Do Cats Stare?

Why Do Cats Stare. How many times have we found ourselves noticing our cat sitting motionlessly and staring at empty space or the opposite wall...