Monthly Archive: January 2016

Bart, a Zombie Cat 0

Bart, a Zombie Cat

Bart, a Zombie Cat The year 2015 was extremely turbulent for Bart, a Zombie cat. This black and white cat from Florida was struck by a car and got serious injuries...
Norwegian Forest Cat 1

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat One of the most beautiful cat breeds in the world is a Norwegian Forest cat. This strong, long-haired, almost mythical cat, is very popular in Scandinavian countries (Norway and Sweeden), Iceland and France...

How to Transform Cat into the Lap Kitty

How to Transform Cat into the Lap Kitty Even though the majority of cats enjoy cuddling and being lap cats, there are some of them that are not fond of "lap time". For a certain number of cats, it is their personality that refuses too much cuddling and is not impressed to curl on an owner's lap...