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Why Do Millennials Love Cats?


Why Do Millennials Love Cats? A new research, conducted by Purina, has shown that millennials are the most numerous groups of cat parents. According to the study, 57 percent of millennials are cat owners, even though the total number of cat owners shows 51 percent. It is not completely clear why millennials love cats so much, there are many speculations that see the cause in a link between millennials and technology. According to some experts, millennials spend a lot of […]

What Kind of Water Should a Cat Drink?


What Kind of Water Should a Cat Drink? Water is essential for all mammals. The same applies for cats, too. Not only that water should be fresh and water bowls clean, but the water too should be of a good quality. But, what kind of water should a cat drink? For some people, it can be tap water, for others bottled, while many owners prefer distilled water. If we want to find the answer to this question, we need to […]