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Do You Know What’s Really In Pet Food

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Do You Know What’s Really In Pet Food? Do you really know what’s in pet food? The pet food industry would have you believe that pet food contains, good wholesome chickens, fresh cuts of lamb and beef, fresh grains, cereals and good nutritional supplements. This is what the pet food industry wants you to believe, which in the US alone is worth around $20 billion dollars a year. However the reality of the situation is:- “What most consumers don’t know […]

Cat Diabetes And High Blood Pressure


A cat owner whose 15 year old cat has cat diabetes and high blood pressure has asked an online vet for advice as the cat has been behaving abnormally for the last few days. The cat had also recently had a stroke and has been prescribed a drug for high blood pressure. “ cat is 15 and has diabetes. Almost 2 months ago he “threw a clot” and was put  on Plavix. He also recently (2.5 weeks ago) had his […]