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Worried About The Costs Of Treatment

Top 5 Cat Symptoms

A cat has recently been diagnosed with cat diabetes and its owner is worried about the costs of treatment and whether the cat will be comfortable during treatment. She is looking for help and does not want to have the cat put down. “Our family cat (male, 12 years), has today been diagnosed with diabetes. We were told a treatment course that consists of prescription foods and insulin shots, I have done a bit of research and have found numerous […]

Different Approach To Treating Cat Diabetes


Dr. Jennifer Coates writes that she recently started taking a different approach to treating cat diabetes and it is an approach that that many veterinarians are starting to follow. The new technique has been called the Ultra Loose Control Approach. This method was developed because a Dr. Norsworthy, a feline specialist, believed that too many cats were being euthanized due to the hassles and expenses associated with the previous approaches. “Dr. Norsworthy says that his Ultra Loose Control Approach is […]

A Vet Is Recommending Euthanasia For A Newly Diagnosed Cat With Cat Diabetes


Apparently a vet is recommending euthanasia for a newly diagnosed cat with cat diabetes. Now unless there are major complications, I believe this is outrageous advice! It would seem the vet believes that many owners are incapable of looking after a diabetic cat at home and so recommends euthanasia. What a jerk! “A friend of mine had a cat that was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Her vet recommended euthanasia as he believed that many owners are incapable of giving insulin […]

Are You Considering Euthanasia For Your Diabetic Cat?


Are you considering euthanasia for your diabetic cat? This is something that I would only consider if the pain and suffering got to a level were the most humane thing was euthanasia. However with a  proper treatment plan there is no reason why cats should not be able to lead a normal a life as possible for many years. But I can understand why many owners might feel daunted by the prospect of looking after a diabetic cat and consider euthanasia as […]