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Cat Has Just Been Diagnosed With Diabetes And The Owner Can’t Afford Testing

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We have just come across a blog post from a cat owner whose cat has just been diagnosed with diabetes and the owner can’t afford testing and treatments. It appears that the owner is a student and has limited funds. The vet is recommending regular checkups at the surgery to determine the amount of insulin that needs to be administered. This is all adding up to costs above $1000. Indirectly the vet also appears to be advising euthanasia. “I adore […]

The Cost Of Treating A Diabetic Cat

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The Cost Of Treating A Diabetic Cat Here we publish a note from an interesting letter from a reader about the cost of treating a diabetic cat especially when you are on a low income. ———– I am a 60 yr old female with a small fixed income. My cat was recently diagnosed with diabetes and I am overwhelmed by the cost to care for her. DO NOT DESPAIR! First of all, I found a vet who would work with […]

Her Roomate’s Cat May Have Diabetes


Her Roomate’s Cat May Have Diabetes A student thinks her roommate’s cat may have diabetes and is at a loss to know what to do as the roomate does not seem to be too concerned. Yes, this can be a difficult situation as the cat does not belong to her. “My roommate has a cat…4 cats actually, but one of them has diabetes (I am pretty sure!), and I don’t know what to do. She is around 10 years old […]

Worried About The Costs Of Treatment

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A cat has recently been diagnosed with cat diabetes and its owner is worried about the costs of treatment and whether the cat will be comfortable during treatment. She is looking for help and does not want to have the cat put down. “Our family cat (male, 12 years), has today been diagnosed with diabetes. We were told a treatment course that consists of prescription foods and insulin shots, I have done a bit of research and have found numerous […]

Cat Has Increased Urine But Seems Fine


An owner says that his cat has increased urine but seems fine. His cat, Squish, is twelve years old and is urinating more than normal. She normally drinks 2.5 cups of water a day and eats about a cup a day of cat food. Squish was being fed on Buffalo Blue cat food (I’m not quite sure what that is?) but once the increased urination was noticed she’s being fed on 50% dry food and 50% percent wet food. So apart form […]