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12 year Old Female Cat With Diabetes Has Been Losing Hair


A 12 year old female cat with diabetes has been losing hair for the last two months. The hair loss has caused two symmetrical spots on her back. There are no rashes or visible irritations of any kind and the skin is smooth and clear The cat is eating normally and there are no unusual going ons in the litterbox. The reader asks whether this is due to old age or a medical complication. The first thing to understand is […]

Is My Cat Losing Hair Due To Cat Diabetes


Most cats lose hair, it’s natural, just as we humans lose hair. However a cat owner has noticed that her cat has started to lose an abnormal amount of hair and is asking:- “Is my cat losing hair due to cat diabetes?” She is asking this is because the cat has started to do something out of its normal routine. That is what you need to look out for, something that is out of the ordinary.  Cat diabetes can cause […]