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Insulin Pen For Cats

insulin pen for cats

Insulin Pen For Cats Insulin pens are available for humans, they are generally shaped like pens and have an insulin cartridge and not a vial of insulin. Some pens use cartridges that can be replaced while other pens need to be thrown away after being used. Most of the insulin pens use replaceable pen needles. Up to now insulin pens for cats have not been available but have recently been approved by the FDA. “Merck Animal Health’s VetPen may now be used […]

Vetsulin Is Back On The Market

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Merck Animal Health has announced that vetsulin is back on the market. Vetsulin is the only FDA approved insulin for use in cats and dogs. While we believe that with proper nutrition a dog or cat should in most cases never become diabetic, if diabetes is diagnosed then it needs to be properly managed while the animal is brought into remission. And keeping the disease under control is paramount to survival. Here’s a link to the full press release:- “Vetsulin […]

Has Steroids Caused Her Cat’s Diabetes


A reader asks has steroids has caused her cat’s diabetes. Her 11 year old cat has been on a steroid drug for sometime now for allergies but has lately also been diagnosed with cat diabetes. She has questioned her vet but he seems unaware of any connection between the drug and the diabetes. The drug in question is  Depo Medrol which is a long-lasting injectable steroid that is commonly used in cats. Initially this drug is often seen to have a miraculous […]