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Guilty Cats

guilty cat

Some cats can actually feel guilty 😉 But most of them just don’t give a s**t 😛 Hope you like our compilation about cute guilty cats,

The Cat Who Hates Junk Mail

junk mail cat

The Cat Who Hates Junk Mail Dogs are usually associated with hating and attacking the postman, but in this case it’s a cat that’s gone berserk on the postman. The postman clearly knows this naughty kitty and records the battle as he tries to deliver mail into the letterbox. With every letter he tries to deliver the kitty attacks and nearly snatches the mailman’s glove while he’s at it. So it’s not just humans that hate junk mail, felines do […]

Funny Cat Wearing A Shark Costume


Very Funny! A cat wearing a shark costume riding around on top of a robot vacuum cleaner!

Be More Dog


  Be More Dog, a very funny video from O2.

Cat Adopts Ducklings


A cat from Clara in Co. Offaly has adopted 3 ducklings and is supposedly breastfeeding them. This was captured by RTÉ Radio 1 – MOONEY Show. However I don’t believe ducklings suckle, so maybe they are just cuddling up. But still amazing! Let’s hope the duckings remain safe!