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How to Feed Cat to Lose Weight?


How to Feed Cat to Lose Weight? Obesity is a big issue in the world of cats. According to statistics, almost 50 percent of cats are obese. If we want to help them with obesity, we need to know how to feed a cat to lose weight. Many cat owners often reach for an over the counter diet, which do more harm than good. Namely, these diets are low in fat as well as in calorie. Diets that are low […]

How to Prevent Cats from Winter Weight Gain


How to Prevent Cats from Winter Weight Gain The top thing every cat enjoys is sleeping. In the animal kingdom, cats belong to a group of animals that sleep the longest. Experts explain this long-term sleeping habit as a reflection of their hunting lifestyle. Namely, cats spend a large amount of energy through hunting activities, and that is why they need a lot of sleep and snooze. However, our pet cats do not hunt as they did in the wilderness, […]

How to Know If a Cat Is Overweight


How to Know If a Cat Is Overweight Even though indoor cats can live longer than outdoor ones because they spend their time in safety place, it could be challenging to keep a cat fit and slim. Staying indoors does not provide a lot of stimuli that can motivate the cat to explore its environment and burn its calories. They need a lot of plays and joint activities with their owners. Their wild ancestors had hunted prey or defended themselves […]

Cats: Top 8 Tips to Lose Weight


Why are these top 8 tips to lose weight so important? As a byproduct of our modern lifestyle, with more calorie intakes and less activity, many cats developed the same bad habits as their owners. There is no more need for an adopted cat to hunt and consequently not much action. They copied the human’s lifestyle – they eat, not only when are hungry, but also for comforting themselves under the stress. The only thing which is missing, comparing with […]

Being A Fat Cat Is Not Funny

being a fat cat is not funny

Being A Fat Cat Is Not Funny It would seem that there are many pictures and videos of fat cats that are being viewed and shared. There are videos of fat cats dancing, stuck in tubs, fat cats sprawled out on the sofa watching television and so on.  They seem to be a subject of much fun however there is a very serious side to this as explained by  Stijn Niessen, of the Royal Veterinary College’s Queen Mother Hospital in […]