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How to Know If a Cat Is Overweight

How to Know If a Cat Is Overweight Even though indoor cats can live longer than outdoor ones because they spend their time in safety place, it could be challenging to keep a cat fit and slim. Staying indoors does not provide a lot of stimuli that can motivate the cat to explore its environment and burn its calories...
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Being A Fat Cat Is Not Funny

Being A Fat Cat Is Not Funny It would seem that there are many pictures and videos of fat cats that are being viewed and shared. There are videos of fat cats dancing, stuck in tubs, fat cats sprawled out on the sofa watching television and so on...
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  IS YOUR PET OVERWEIGHT. Remarkable TV is looking for owners who would like to help their podgy pets to lose weight Is your furry friend getting fat and you can’t work out why...
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Reducing Overweight Cats

Reducing Overweight Cats Owning overweight cats is going to cause the premature death of  beloved pets. There are many different reasons as to why a cat can become overweight, it can be due to overfeeding and this can include any hunting that they might do as well as a lack of exercise...
Increasing Your Cat's Metabolism 1

Increasing Your Cat’s Metabolism

Increasing Your Cat's Metabolism  Cats generally have high rates of metabolism but there are times when your cat may experience low metabolism and this may be because of obesity as well as genetics and other factors. If your cat is obese and it is hurting his metabolism, here are ways that you can boost the cat's metabolism...

Fat Cat Diseases

Fat Cat Diseases In the same way overweight linked diseases in humans are on the rise, a vet has said that fat cat diseases are increasing.  Many cat owners give their cats treats and unsuitable diets and this is leading to obesity and problems such as heart disease, diabetes and even depression...