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Adopting A Diabetic Cat

cats and feline diabetes

Not surprisingly, adopting a diabetic cat can be a daunting prospect and many people shy away from it. But just as diabetic humans can live a more or less normal life so can cats. A prospective owner will need to maybe give two insulin injections a day and pay particular attention to diet. We also recommend home blood sugar testing to ensure that the correct insulin dose is being delivered. Initially the routine can be a bit overwhelming but after […]

Obesity Is An Epidemic


Obesity is an epidemic that is affecting many people in the Western World.  Unfortunately this epidemic is now affecting our pets. It is estimated that 56% of pets are overweight and the obesity diseases that affect humans are also affecting pets. Dr. Catherine Webb of the Lindquist Veterinary Clinic states:- “So, we have dogs and cats that have diabetes that have orthopedic and joint problems that have lots of disorders related to their weight,” “A cat (gaining) 3 pounds is like […]

Cat History – 1


Did you know that indoor cats have only been around for less than 100 years and that is peanuts in terms of evolution. Is it therefore any wonder that the diet that suits them best is one that they would naturally eat in their natural outdoor habitat. “Keeping cats indoors all the time was not possible—nor was it even a goal—until several important 20th century innovations: refrigeration, kitty litter, and the prevalence of spaying and neutering. Even though these changes […]

Potty Training Your Cat


Here is another diversion from the stress of cat diabetes. Did you know that cats can be trained to use the toilet. Here is a video which explains how to train your cat to use a human toilet. Once trained you can throw away the smelly litter tray and poop scoop and impress your friends! Training your cat to use a human toilet can take a while. So we will be presenting other videos and tips to help you succeed […]

Dry food For Diabetic Cats?

“Cat Vomiting”

Is there a good dry food for diabetic cats asks a reader. He says that he has cured his diabetic cat by feeding it a high protein low carbohydrate canned food for several years and although it is cheaper than any other high protein food he is looking for a good dry food suitable for diabetic cats. “I’ve “cured” my cat’s symptoms of diabetes by feeding him the highest protein lowest carb canned food I can find (Fancy Feast Classics) […]