All About Cats’ Eyes


All about Cats’ Eyes

All about Cats’ Eyes

All about Cats’ Eyes

This article will tell you all about cats’ eyes! Ever got intrigued by them? For a cat, its eyes are an asset that attracts humans and could emotionally blackmail them enough to pet it. Women have spent ages to discover the perfect feline style eye make-up, yet fail to capture the essence that our beloved cats have; their eyes convey feelings that no language could make up for.

Cats are called the night hunters, ever thought why? The answer is in their eyes. Since cats’ eyes are far rounder and bigger they end up seeing better at night. Prey is easier to catch since the prey lacks such great sense of vision at night.

For you, this could be a good and a bad thing. It could be good because your cat would get rid of any pesky bugs, spiders or lizards that would dare enter your house, bad thing because your cat could bring those half eaten hideous creatures to you for some appreciation.

Since cats’ eyes are so big and round, their eyes lack distant vision. This weakness is overcome by their sense of smell and vibrations. They could sniff danger, food and their favorite human owners from a distance. You could be a couple of feet away from your sleeping cat, but a slight movement could wake her up to attention.

Cats’ eyes lack good optical field, in simpler words their eyes couldn’t move sideways. This weakness is overcome by their flexible heads.  They could rotate their heads with speed and amazing flexibility which allows them to see sideways clearly and quickly.

While so much is going for their amazing sight and senses here, one needs to be reminded that these qualities wear down with age. Extra care needs to be taken to prevent encounters with trouble for them.