Maintenance Of An Aging Cat


Maintenance of an aging cat

Maintenance of an aging cat

Maintenance of an aging cat

Maintaining an aging cat could be a little tiresome as with age a cat tends to develop issues that could seem very minor at first but could lead to serious diseases if they aren’t monitored. Aging cats require regular vet visits and vaccinations for their long life.

Aging cats lose their hyper active nature. With passing years aging cats prefer more rest in a warm comforting place away from the troubles it could be a part of. Cats prefer a clean warm place to sleep. If you want to set a permanent place for your cat to sleep in (like a cat house) then make sure you clean it regularly for the cat to stay there. You could recycle one of your old quilts to create a warm bed for it, or if you could afford a lavish treat for your aging cat then get a silk cat bed that wraps around exactly like a cat does. Don’t worry; there are some really inexpensive easily washable cat beds too.

Aging cats are prone to develop problems like atherosclerosis, diabetes, and teeth/gum problems. Deteriorating teeth could signal all these issues. Heart disease could cause increased plaque deposition and diabetes could cause loosening of teeth from gums. Other than that your cat could develop many unnoticed mouth ulcers or gum infections which if not treated could cause infections in its internal organs.

If you want these diseases at bay, then check what foods could help your cat maintain a healthy weight, offer teeth protection and improve heart function.  If you could manage then invest in a cat tooth brush. This will help brush off plaque and improve dental quality. If nothing else, then apply some toothpaste on a piece of cloth and wipe it on your cat’s canines. She will surely be annoyed but it could save you both a lot of trouble.