All About Grooming Your Cat


All about grooming your cat

While cats are avid groomers themselves, it is important for you to take their grooming matters in your own hands.

All About Grooming Your Cat

All About Grooming Your Cat

Most grooming problems arise with long haired thick fur coat cats. Such cats have a lot of loose fur and licking this loose fur could cause frequent vomiting or constipation. If you groom your cat regularly such health issues could be easily avoided.

By grooming your cat you will remove loose fur and along with it any ticks or fleas that could be present on your cat’s fur. Even though flea powders and sprays are great at keeping ticks or fleas at bay, fleas from the environment could still reside in your cat’s loose fur.

Regular grooming also includes removing hard knots of tangled fur that make it very tough for the cat to groom itself properly. These knots could become very painful if the cat’s skin comes in contact and gets pulled whenever the cat grooms that area. It is best to remove these knots at an early stage and remove these as soon as you see one developing.

A way to remove a knot is to first check how far that knot is from the skin and place a finger there. After the first step, estimate the thickness of the knot. If the knot is really thick then give a vertical cut in the middle of the knot using a pair of scissors and try to detangle the knot using a brush. Give in other vertical cuts to facilitate you in detangling of the knot.

This method detangles the knot safely without much fur loss. If the knot is small and away from the skin then simply cut it off.  Try this method while your cat is sleeping, or have someone hold the cat while you are grooming it. This also allows you to check if your cat has some hidden injuries or scratches.

Remember to trim your cat’s hair around the anus as long hair could sometimes trap feces and makes it difficult for you and your cat to clean that area. Anal hair trimming prevents that from happening.

Grooming your cat keeps your cat healthy with a very glossy smooth fur.