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Canada lynx historic range in US likely wider than previously thought

A broader past could mean a brighter future for Canada lynx in the U.S., according to recent research. The study indicates that lynx might do well in the future in parts of Utah, central Idaho and the Yellowstone National Park region, even considering climate change and the lack of lynx in those are Read more

Meow or rooaaar: Exotic cats' ability to recognize familiar caregivers' voices

Biologists present compelling evidence that exotic cats possess the remarkable ability to discriminate between familiar and unfamiliar human voices. Read more

A tiny tattoo for a tabby

Researchers have developed an alternative labeling method called 'bio-tagging', which is a microneedle array system that can safely deliver ink in the form of unique number or letter sequences for the identification of animals, which can be used for pets or livestock. This method may be us Read more

Strong connections found between vaccine hesitancy and support for vaccinating pets

Study findings raise the stakes for public health efforts to improve attitudes about vaccination rates across the board. Read more

Scientist discovers potential brain link between stress, emotional eating

Scientists describe how they identified a molecule that may trigger over-consumption of comfort foods after a threatening event. Read more

More than meows: How bacteria help cats communicate

Many mammals, from domestic cats and dogs to giant pandas, use scent to communicate with each other. A new study shows how domestic cats send signals to each other using odors derived from families of bacteria living in their anal glands.  Read more

Infection with common cat-borne parasite associated with frailty in older adults

A new study of 601 older adults found that those with higher serointensity -- or a higher concentration of antibiodies -- to the cat-borne parasite Toxoplasma gondii are more likely to show signs of frailty, including exhaustion, loss of muscle mass and other indications of declining health. T. Gond Read more

City and highway lights threaten mountain lion habitats

Artificial light pollution at night threatens mountain lion habitat, making it a factor to consider for wildlife crossings and land use, finds a new study.  Read more

New secrets about cat evolution revealed

By comparing genomes of several cat species, the project has helped researchers understand why cat genomes tend to have fewer complex genetic variations (such as rearrangements of DNA segments) than other mammal groups, like primates. It also revealed new insights into which parts of cat DNA are mos Read more

What happens when cats get fat? Scientists weigh in

Cat owners want Kitty to be happy, but providing an abundance of food and snacks can have unintended consequences. Feline obesity is on the rise, impacting the health, longevity, and wellbeing of cats. A new study looks at what happens in the digestive system and gut microbiota when cats eat too muc Read more

Cat-ching criminals with DNA from pet hairs

Cat hair could be the purr-fect way to catch criminals, according to researchers. Read more

New mollusk and crustacean species in symbiosis with worms in dead coral rocks

The symbiotic communities of invertebrates in dead coral gravel on the shallow, warm-temperate coast of the Kii Peninsula in western Japan. New bivalve species and sideswimmer have been found to live communally with the greenish Bonellia spoonworm. Live-in symbionts share the burrows of other organi Read more

New discovery may 'unlock' the future of infectious disease and cancer treatment

Researchers have identified a 'guard mechanism' for a protein which attacks microbes in infected cells, opening the possibility of new treatments for Toxoplasma, Chlamydia, Tuberculosis and even cancer. Read more

Fear of humans pervades the South African savanna

Mammals living in South Africa's Greater Kruger National Park, home to one of the world's largest remaining lion populations, are far more afraid of hearing human voices than lion vocalizations or hunting sounds such as dogs barking or gunshots. Read more

Adoption of vegan dog and cat diets could have environmental benefits

A new analysis estimates a variety of potential benefits for environmental sustainability -- for instance, reduced freshwater consumption and greenhouse gas emissions -- that could result from switching all pet dogs and cats in the US or around the world to nutritionally sound, vegan diets. Read more

Cats purr differently than previously thought

A recent investigation delivers novel insights into how cats produce their purring sounds. A special 'pad' embedded in the vocal folds might explain how cats can produce these low-frequency sounds.  Read more

Study shows life near the golf course isn't easy for alligators

Living on a golf course dramatically changes alligator feeding habits. Read more