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Study shows life near the golf course isn't easy for alligators

Living on a golf course dramatically changes alligator feeding habits. Read more

Lions on the brink -- New analysis reveals the differing threats to African lion populations

New results reveal that many of Africa's remaining lions live within small, fragmented populations at risk of disappearing. The researchers developed a new framework which integrates ecological and socio-political risk factors to better understand the fragility of these populations. Read more

Did sabertooth tigers purr or roar?

When a sabertooth tiger called out, what noise did it make -- a mighty roar or a throaty purr? A new study examined the data behind the arguments for each vocalization and found that the answer was more nuanced than they thought -- and that it could depend on the shape of a few small bones. Read more

Scientists zero in on timing, causes of ice age mammal extinctions in southern California

Radiocarbon dating on bones in the La Brea Tar Pits lead archaeologists to warn that history may be repeating itself. Read more

Managing domestic and wildcats is likely to remain fraught, new research warns

Current efforts to protect and restore native biodiversity is being threatened by difficulties in identifying wild and domestic cats, and categorization is likely to remain fraught for the foreseeable future, experts have warned. Read more

Why you shouldn't declaw tigers or other big cats

Researchers looked at the effects of declawing on larger cat species and found that declawing disproportionately impacts their muscular capabilities as compared to their smaller brethren. Read more

AI predicts the work rate of enzymes

Enzymes play a key role in cellular metabolic processes. To enable the quantitative assessment of these processes, researchers need to know the so-called 'turnover number' (for short: kcat) of the enzymes. A team of bioinformaticians now describes a tool for predicting this parameter for v Read more

Paleontologists identify two new species of sabertooth cat

Sabertooth cats make up a diverse group of long-toothed predators that roamed Africa around 6-7 million years ago, around the time that hominins -- the group that includes modern humans -- began to evolve. By examining one of the largest global Pliocene collections of fossils in Langebaanweg, north Read more

How to track animal of legend? Look to the poop

Researchers applied genetic and isotopic analyses to jaguar scat to investigate the habitat needs of the big cats in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Preserve of Belize in Central America. The study demonstrates a novel and noninvasive technique for identifying the landscape use and conservation needs Read more

Ice Age saber-tooth cats and dire wolves suffered from diseased joints

Ice Age saber-tooth cats and dire wolves experienced a high incidence of bone disease in their joints, according to new research. Read more

Neutering practices for owned UK cats significantly influence feral, stray populations

A new mathematical model of UK cat populations suggests that neutering of cats that belong to people not only affects the population dynamics of owned cats, but also affects feral, stray, and shelter subpopulations. Read more

How the cat nose knows what it's smelling

Scientists have found the secret to felines' finesse at sniffing out food, friends and foes. A complex collection of tightly coiled bony airway structures gets the credit, according to the first detailed analysis of the domestic cat's nasal airway. Read more

Gene therapy produces long-term contraception in female domestic cats

Researchers have demonstrated that a single dose of anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) gene therapy can induce long-term contraception in the domestic cat, potentially providing a safe and effective alternative to surgical spaying. Read more

Cheetahs need more space: Reintroduction in India must consider their spatial ecology

In autumn 2022 and winter 2023, a total of 20 cheetahs from Namibia and South Africa were introduced to Kuno National Park in India to establish a free-ranging population -- for the first time since their extinction in India 70 years ago. Although the idea may be commendable, getting it right is not Read more

Common infections linked to poorer cognitive performance in middle-aged and older adults

A new study found that signs of common infections in a sample of middle-aged and older adults were associated with poorer performance on a test of global cognitive function. Read more

Living with pet cats or dogs is associated with fewer food allergies in young children, study finds

In an analysis of over 65,000 infants from Japan, children exposed to pet cats or indoor dogs during fetal development or early infancy tended to have fewer food allergies compared to other children. Read more

Sea otters killed by unusual parasite strain

An unusually severe form of toxoplasmosis killed four sea otters and could pose a threat to other marine wildlife and humans, finds a new study. Read more