The Right Cat For You


There is always a lot to consider when you are going to have a cat as your pet. There are about 43 breeds you could choose from, each one with its own demands and requirements.

Since cats are more like long term partners (if kept healthy and safe), you need to choose the one that matches your personality and lifestyle. Most of the time, the right cat will choose you instead of you doing the honors. If the cat likes you, it will do something unusual to attract you, and yes, that’s how you ended up “choosing” your cat.

You could read up on the internet or get several books to study each breed’s personality, lifespan, and lifestyle demands. That’s the boring old safe way to go about it.

If you like a little spontaneity in your life then skip the research and get one from those animal shelters or try a crossbred kitten if you could get one.

Taking care of a cat from animal shelter could be really rewarding since cats from such shelters deserve your care and love the most. Crossbred cats on the other hand will show different personality traits and its always exciting to train a new kitten into becoming a part of your family.

When choosing the right cat for you, don’t only go for the color or the outer appearance as sometimes a really fluffy beautiful cat could cost you a lot; usually white fluffy Persian cats are found popular in many parts, and these are indeed amazing pets, but it also means that you are getting a cat with many recessive genes. White Persian cats are susceptible to increased hair fall and lots of allergies that definitely are in your vet’s bank balance’s favour.

Getting long haired cats also means increased maintenance to keep them. Long fur has increased tendency to fall, get tangled and hard knotted while grooming. If your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to brush your cat’s fur every other day then prefer getting a short fur cat which will make it a lot easier for you.

With the intention to love and provide care choosing the right cat shouldn’t be so difficult. Follow your instincts and you’ll find the right cat to go for.