How Well Does Your Cat Express

How well does your cat express itself

How well does your cat express itself


Expressing themselves is one attribute that attracts humans to cats at the time. Their round eyes, sounds and body language all have tones of their own and have a power to convince humans to get what they want. Cats may not smile but they could express when they are content and happy, in heat (extremely vocal when in heat!), sad or jealous.  Yes, cats are very expressive when it comes to jealousy. It will show resentment by stop eating food and would decrease communication with its owner. If this doesn’t work then it will even try to hit the new cat that is trying to take its place. Cats could show when they are in stress, if your cat makes a mistake it will show signs of nervousness through its eyes and body language.

Usually cats prefer using body language than sounds to express their feelings. If your cat goes vocal then it must have an urgent need that requires to be met.

A good relationship with your cat only depends on two things: how well could your cat express itself and how well you could understands what it wants.

No matter how vain, unfaithful and independent one might find cats, the truth is that with time and love when cats start trusting their owners you’ll find them more vocal and expressive towards the owners. Once they get attached to a certain family and home setting, cats tend to show evident signs of stress and nervousness in their new homes. Their eyes express the sadness they feel and their body language exhibits a hint of caution. For a quiet small animal this ability is actually impressive. With love and care you could turn a cat’s rejection into acceptance. They will turn into most obedient and loving creatures if shown the right amount of love.

If there is an absurd change in your cat’s behavior then it could be an indication of a physical or a mental health problem; this calls for an appointment to the vet as some diseases and infections could cause such behavioral disturbances.

Animals aren’t tough creatures to understand. Take care of their simple needs and in no time you’ll be able to adjust with their language. It is a lovely relationship without any complications.