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Cat Eye Infections

Cat Eye Infections Cat eye infections are not that uncommon and you should know what you need to do about them. There are generally two types of infections, viral and bacterial...
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The Importance of Tail Vaccinations

The Importance of Tail Vaccinations If you vaccinate your cat then it is important that you consider the option of tail vaccinations. Conventional medicine believes vaccinations are necessary for the health of your cat and vaccinations offer you the chance to protect your pet from serious illnesses...
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Good News If You Are a Cat Allergy Sufferer

Good News If You Are a Cat Allergy Sufferer If you suffer from a cat allergy then you know how even the tiniest trace of a feline friend can result in coughing and sneezing. You might get itches or skin rashes but the super sensitivity can mean that a strong reaction is felt even if a cat has not been in the area for months or even years...
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Treatment of Cat Diabetes

Some Great Advice about Treatment of Cat Diabetes This is a very well presented article that covers a few different areas about the treatment of cat diabetes. The injection of your cat can be very difficult for some people and this article explores alternative medications that can be used without the need for injections...
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Reducing Overweight Cats

Reducing Overweight Cats Owning overweight cats is going to cause the premature death of  beloved pets. There are many different reasons as to why a cat can become overweight, it can be due to overfeeding and this can include any hunting that they might do as well as a lack of exercise...