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Cat Escapes Crate on Airport Tarmac, Is Later Found Dead

Losing a cat is a tragedy—whether it’s lost to natural causes or accidents. It’s truly akin to losing a family member because our pets do become part of our family even after a short period of companionship. Air travel has been a magnet for pet tragedy recently with news of pet deaths surfacing from Read more

How Long Can a Cat Go Without Eating?

There are few reasons why a cat might refuse food or drink. In any case, it’s always an indication that something is wrong. Depending on your cat’s medical history and age, refusal of food could be a life or death situation. If you’ve been observing that your cat hasn’t been eating for a couple of d Read more

You Kind of Have to See Instagram Account “Cats in Food”

It’s probably fairly likely that you’ve never even heard of anybody pairing cats with all kinds of food in photos. Right? Well, there’s an Instagram page devoted to just that and it’s pretty funny and also kinda creative, too. And, in addition, they’ve been published in something called Metro News ( Read more

What is Depo-Medrol for Cats?

When a cat is suffering from a health condition, a visit to the vet is usually required. Depending on the condition, the vet may deliver a range of treatments or prescribe medication. One type of medication that they may prescribe is Depo-Medrol. If your cat has been prescribed this, then you may wo Read more

Helping Dogs and Cats in an Emergency May Become Law

People with medical training are usually associated with providing basic first aid and emergency medical care for humans. They are the people who respond when people are most in need and help them out in a crisis. Their roles could be about to change as it may become a legal requirement for them to Read more

Do Cats Get Lonely?

There is a popular perception that cats are solitary animals. This is understandable because most members of the family Felidae are solitary animals, with a notable exception being lions. However, it is important to note that calling cats solitary animals is an over-simplification of the case, seein Read more

What is a Flea Bath for Cats?

Anyone who has ever owned a cat will know that a bath is not their favorite activity. In fact, cats will do almost anything to avoid the water. They have a natural cleaning system as they self-groom and cats in the wild do not bathe in water. It is also a natural instinct for domestic cats to avoid Read more

The History and Evolution of the Cat Cafe

Have you ever heard of something called The Cat Cafe? Perhaps this is the first time you’ve heard anything about it whatsoever. Maybe you’ve heard the name mentioned a time or two before, but you’re still not really sure what it is. As luck would have it, it’s one of the more interesting establishme Read more

Why are Wealthy Philanthropists Waging War On Cats?

We all hear silly news every day, and while this might sound silly at first, it’s actually as serious as anything can get. Recently, we’ve heard news of a philanthropist couple that has truly waged war on cats. That couple is Andrew and Jane Clifford, and the war they’ve waged is in the form of a $1 Read more

10 Things to Know about Cats with Blue Eyes

We all know just how beautiful cats with blue eyes can be. Sparkling blue eyes are found in several cat breeds and are especially prevalent in white cats or those with white markings. This blue-eyed cat trait turns up in some other breeds and also occurs equally in both female and males kitties. Cat Read more