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Cats’ Purr: What are the Reasons?


Cats’ Purr: What are the Reasons? The kittens do not need any training to learn to purr. They use it from their very first breath. They are born with it. The kitten’s purr is often considered as the way to say to his mother “I’m here and everything is fine”. Many cat owners, naturally, think that the cat purring is the sign of contentment and happiness. From their experience with cats, they associate purring with the soothing, calming and relaxing […]

Top Ten Tips for How to Bathe a Cat


Top Ten Tips for How to Bathe a Cat We all know that the cats do not like the water and the bathing a cat can turn into a very stressful event. Although the cats constantly licks themselves and are very clean by default, sometimes we have to undertake the risk and wash them up. The best way to minimize the stress is to start bathing our cat when it is young. Whatever the little kitten learns in its young […]

Why have Domestic Cats Retain the Habits from Its Wild Ancestors?


Why have Domestic Cats Retain the Habits from Its Wild Ancestors? Unlike the dogs, domestic cats has retained many of their behavioral patterns of their wild ancestors till today. They are carnivorous, solitary animals that are playing a lot, covering their feces, marking the territory, communicating through smells, etc. All of these, cats inherited from the ancestors. When our lovely pet wakes us up early in the morning in order to eat, or becomes hyperactive at dusk, we can hardly […]

Cats: Top 8 Tips to Lose Weight


Why are these top 8 tips to lose weight so important? As a byproduct of our modern lifestyle, with more calorie intakes and less activity, many cats developed the same bad habits as their owners. There is no more need for an adopted cat to hunt and consequently not much action. They copied the human’s lifestyle – they eat, not only when are hungry, but also for comforting themselves under the stress. The only thing which is missing, comparing with […]