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Roadrunner The Jogging Cat


Exercise in cats, as in humans, is important to help maintain an ideal weight. As long ‘Roadrunner’ keeps up its jogging regimen then its chances of becoming overweight and at high risk from feline diabetes are minimal. In case your cat thinks it’s too late to start jogging then you can try out other games and activities to keep it fit.

All Our Diabetic Cats Are Overweight


Ray Ramirez, doctor of veterinary medicine at Lakeview Veterinary Clinic, says that not all cats who are overweight become diabetic but all our diabetic cats are overweight to start with.  As I have mentioned before many times, I firmly believe that a western lifestyle which includes a poor diet and a couch potato lifestyle is a primary cause of diabetes in both humans and in animals. Ray and Marilyn Kreiger, a certified cat behaviour consultant, talk about overweight cats and exercise and then […]