All Our Diabetic Cats Are Overweight


Ray Ramirez, doctor of veterinary medicine at Lakeview Veterinary Clinic, says that not all cats who are overweight become diabetic but all our diabetic cats are overweight to start with.  As I have mentioned before many times, I firmly believe that a western lifestyle which includes a poor diet and a couch potato lifestyle is a primary cause of diabetes in both humans and in animals.

Ray and Marilyn Kreiger, a certified cat behaviour consultant, talk about overweight cats and exercise and then suggests games that can be played to exercise your cat.

“Probably the biggest benefit is the more active they are, the healthier they are. The main concern is diabetes. Not every overweight cat becomes diabetic but all of our diabetic cats are overweight to start with.”

“Felines need to move to boost their cardiovascular health and to prevent weight gain. Cats who play games and exercise are also stimulated mentally. They are more alert, more responsive to their owners and enjoy being at home.”

“Cats typically do one of two things. They lie around or are out in the wild hunting for food and escaping from predators. These behaviors are essential to bear in mind when thinking up games for your older pet to play.”

“Cats have bursts of energy then lie around, so consider these games:

Games for Older Cats: Amaze Her, With Laser

Use laser pointers to encourage your kitty to move. Travel the beam across the floor (being careful not to shine it into her eyes because it can damage them) and watch her run and jump to catch it.

Even if they’ve not done it before, most cats pick up on this pretty quickly,We’re tying into that natural instinct of hunting behavior.

You can move the laser across the floor and up on chairs, scratching posts, etc. so there are different levels of stimulation.

Games for Older Cats: From The Toybox

Buy or make feather toys or stuffed mice with catnip on the end of a pole or string. Many cats really love to chase these. Move the toy on different levels and get your kids involved. You can also do this without the pole,  just throwing the toy for the cat to fetch.

Games for Older Cats: Treasure Hunts

Any cat can do treasure hunts. Instead of putting food in bowls, hide it around the house and at different levels—on the floor or higher up in cat trees or scratchers. You can even hide food in interactive toys.

Games for Older Cats: Window Treatments

Put a bird feeder outside your cat’s favorite window. It can be very stimulating because there’s constant activity, he says. Cats may also bat at the window, but are unlikely to do more than that if they’re elderly.

Be aware, however, that bird feeders can sometimes cause your pet to become frustrated and stressed because he can’t reach the birds.

These feeders may also attract other animals, such as cats, rats, other predators and squirrels.

Games for Older Cats: Clicker Training

Clicker training is physically and mentally stimulating for cats.

It is a method of communication between a cat and its owner, through which the latter uses a small device that clicks when an animal performs correctly. Using this, you can encourage your cat to move.

It’s important to have games like these scheduled into your cat’s day so he comes to expect it, and also to ensure continuity. Build up gradually too, so you don’t overdo it for your senior pet, begin gently and build up to a minimum of three minutes a day.

Remember, cats like bursts of activity, unlike dogs who can keep going and going.”

The last statement is very interesting. Remember to play games within your cats limitations. So for example if your cat suffers from arthritis, don’t try to make it do something that would cause it pain or aggravate the condition. As mentioned at the top, Ray says that all our diabetic cats are overweight to start with, which implies that they start to lose weight and become healthier when they are put on an ongoing exercise regime.

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  1. Holly says:

    our kitten is 4 months old, our youngest son rescued it when it was about 3 weeks., never owning a cat before these articles are great to read.I have always been huge in making sure our animals eat as healthy as possible ( in fact they are probably heatthier than we are) and these kind of articles will help me maintain him having a healthy lifestyle, most of these games you have suggested we already play, he is also great at entertaining himself and is very content.
    thank you for that extra help these articles will give us.

  1. November 24, 2012

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