Istanbul – The City Of Cats!


City of cats Hello So ive never been to a country which loves animals like Turkey seriously theres like, everywhere you go outside the houses they leave food and drink for the cats and the dogs im going to take you to a park which is just filled with cats so if you love animals just like me and you love cats, you have to come here I mean, Turkish people love animals so much they even have a recycling bin im not sure if its working, but.. basically it recycles all the bottles and it distributes food for the animals. I guess its not working 😀 but anyway its full so ye the food is here but let me take you to the cats in the park such as this beautiful creature ok so im here at Maçka park which is the sanat park and its very very close to taxim square, about 10-15 minute walk and this place is just filled with cats so if you’re a cat lover, as you know Istanbul is filled with cats anyway but this place especially If you look around, they’re everywhere! and because they’re so well looked after, they’re friendly. maybe not to each other but I suggest you come here. This is one of the secret spots in Istanbul that not many tourists know about Ye its great Theres two parks: This one is the Sanat park which has more cats, but if you’re looking for more of a picnic place to chill with your friends, i suggest going to the democracy park which is a short walk down there Ye guys, normally the cats in Istanbul are friendly but apparently when they see salami, they get agressive so just be careful but ye i love the cats of Istanbul but here i just got attacked by lots of them so be careful guys! 😀

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