A Street Cat Named Bob


The amazing uplifting true story of a ginger cat named Bob and an unlikely friendship between a man on the streets in London who adopts him and helps him heal his life. This is the kind of story that needs to be made into a movie. The book has received amazing reviews from everyone that has read it…..’Recently bought the book, what a great read, what a great man, great man and grrrrreat cat’…..’A lovely uplifting story of survival and the value of animals in our lives’……..

Here are more great reviews:-

” Such a wonderful read, I love it! I met James and Bob in London about a year ago whilst I was on a Uni trip. I remember how lovely Bob looked just sitting there wearing a knitted red scarf absorbing all the attention. James mentioned he had a book coming out all about Bob, so I followed up on what he had told me, and honestly it is the best book I have read in a long time…and I’m not a big reader but I just couldn’t put it down! I lent the book to my nan and she said exactly the same and read it in 3 days! This isn’t just a book about a cat, but how 2 friends found each other in their time of need and started their journey to friendship. This book will warm your heart and put a smile on your face.”

“What a brilliant book this is . James tells you of his own struggles to get his own life back on track . When he finds and decides to start looking after both himself and his cat , Bob , a whole new series of adventures open up . It does make you view the street workers , i.e. Big issue vendors , differently than before . It is definately a thoroughly enjoyable read and well-worth buying a copy .”

“Thoroughly recommended. ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ is about the friendship between James and an injured cat he found in a doorway. At a time when he was finding it hard enough to look after himself, earning his living by busking on the streets, he chose to take in Bob and nurse him back to health and this simple selfless act was to have an unexpected and profound effect on James life, transforming it for the better. Bob is an extraordinary cat but James is fairly special too. Reading this, you get the feeling they were just meant to be together.”

Read the  story and  Bob’s and James’s amazing friendship and life together in ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’.

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  1. Kellie Able says:

    I Have A 17 Year Old Cat..His Name Is (Tigger) ….I Got Him For My 28th Birthday,He Is My World…..,But Now He Is Really Slowing Down….

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