A Vet Is Recommending Euthanasia For A Newly Diagnosed Cat With Cat Diabetes


Apparently a vet is recommending euthanasia for a newly diagnosed cat with cat diabetes. Now unless there are major complications, I believe this is outrageous advice!

It would seem the vet believes that many owners are incapable of looking after a diabetic cat at home and so recommends euthanasia. What a jerk!

“A friend of mine had a cat that was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Her vet recommended euthanasia as he believed that many owners are incapable of giving insulin injections.

She left her vet that day, but she obviously needed another one for insulin, exams, etc. I introduced her to my vet, who not only supports home testing but also supports canned diets for kitties.”

Another reader goes on to say:-

“I am appalled that her vet suggested she euthanize her cat. If her cat just has diabetes then it is relatively simple to manage. Many of us here are dealing with more challenging illnesses combined with the diabetes.

I hope your friend decides to manage the diabetes and dumps her vet. “

As stated above cat diabetes is a disease that can easily be managed at home. The owner needs to learn how to test blood sugar levels at home, learn how to give an insulin shot at home.

In addition, she needs to know what changes need to be made to diet as diet is very important in preventing the diabetes from getting worse and may even help reverse the disease.

I do sometimes wonder why vets became vets. Undoubtedly you need some passion for animal welfare. But it seems that over time this passion seems to die away and a passion for making money or having an easy life creeps in.

This owner definitely needs to change her vet and choose a new vet who also believes that if a vet is recommending euthanasia for a newly diagnosed cat with cat diabetes then that vet is a jerk.

Also make sure that your new vet is not closed minded and puts a lot of emphasis on diet and diet changes as there are still many vets out there who do not think diet is that important.

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