Best Cat Breeds For First Time Owners


If you’ve never owned a cat before, you’ll
soon wonder how you ever managed without one. Our feline friends make fur-bulous companions
and your life will change forever. To help you with your search we put together
this video of the best breeds for new catowners. Hello and welcome to our channel. If you want to know everything about cats
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a new video. Now, let’s head into the meat. Maine CoonA physically large cat with an even bigger
personality, the Maine Coon is known for beingsuper social, friendly and playful. They also make amazing travel partners if
you are one to wander. Some Maine Coons might even let you walk them
on a leash and even play fetch. They are smart and easy to train, adaptable
and big lovers of attention. The only disadvantage that comes with the
cat is the fact that they don’t love beingaloneBut the simplest way to tackle this is by
bringing in two cats. SiameseIf curiosity really does kill the cat, then
it’s a miracle that siamese cats are stillhere. Siamese cats are very curious and want to
know anything and everything. However they are very intelligent and fun
to have around. They are considered the best breed for first
time owners when it comes to cleaning andgrooming since you need less effort because
of the short hair. The cats make excellent companions since they
love to talk a lot. You will never get bored in the house. American ShorthairThis cat makes up 95% of all cats in the United
States and comes in 80 colors and patternsand is the pedigreed version of the domestic
shorthair. This breed is perfect for first-me owners
who want low grooming maintenance, an independentbut still loving and social cat to play and
cuddle with. Another thing that makes this cat so great
is that they are less prone to diseaseso it will spare your wallet on those Vet
bills. Scottish FoldBest known for their uniquely shaped ears,
Sottish Folds are notorious for being curiousand loyal. They love being around their family members
and love playing complex games. If your heart is big and you’re looking
for a loving cat to fill it, this breed isfor you!SphynxIf you’ve been avoiding cats because you
don’t want to deal with their hair , then get a Sphynx. These hairless cats might be a little unique
looking, but they are super loving and youdon’t have to worry about grooming them. The cats are best for those of you who love
relaxing. They love curling up in their sweaters with
the owner during cold winter and also lovebasking in the living room away from the sun
rays during summer. If looking for a laid-back yet loving cat,
the Sphynx is best for you. RagdollIf your family has other pets or children,
Ragdolls are your match. They’re well known for getting along splendidly
with animals that are already in your home,as well as young childrenThe cat loves simple games such as chasing
a laser pointer, string or feather. When the day is done, they will insert themselves
on you for some snuggling and cuddling. Exotic ShorthairWant the face of a Persian cat but not he
groom maintenance?The Exotic shorthair is that and much more. The cat is very friendly and more cheerful
compared to its famous cousin. Exotic Shorthairs enjoy playing and interacting
with the family members and also enjoy groomingsessions once in a while. This breed is ideal for owners in search of
an exotic touch and a playmate too. SomalisSomalis are super active and playful and they’re
full of energy. They’re easy pets who love to be social
and be around other people and animals. This is great if you have other pets or live
with a lot of other people. They’re fully capable of entertaining themselves,
although they do prefer to be with their owners,so you’ll always have company. BurmeseBurmese cats love to be around people and
are known for having dog-like qualities, similarto a Maine Coon. They love to be with their owner and they
can form strong bonds and remain very loyal. They are super devoted, intelligent, curious
and they’ll always be by your side. These are the best breeds if you want to get
a cat, but you need to consider some factorswhen choosing your first cat. AgeAt times, people get tempted to go straight
for an adorable, fuzz and tiny kitten. You should get a baby cat only if you have
time to nurture and train the kitten. Unlike a kitten, with a grown cat you are
aware what type of cat she isThe reason is that their personalities are
fully developed and are also more laid backand aware of any danger. How often are you at home?Do you work full time or are you always away?Then you need to get a cat that doesn’t
mind being alone at home. Otherwise your cat will always be miserable,Do you have kids?Even with the best intentions, kids can be
rough at times when showing their affectionfor cats. A child can grab a cat’s fur or tail out
of curiosity or even squeeze a cat too tightwhen hugging them. With that in mind, you need to get a cat breed
with a calm demeanor. However, whenever your kids are around the
cat, you should supervise them. Are there other pets in the house?In case you have other pets in the house such
as another cat or a dog, then you need toconsider a cat breed that can quickly get
along with other pets. Do you need an outdoor or an indoor cat?Most cats are indoor pets. However, if looking for a cat that enjoys
spending some time outdoors, you will needto have a secure enclosure to make sure your
cat does not stray. GenderBoth male and female cats can make great pets. However, there are hormonal differences that
affect their behavior. For example, intact males usually wander,
fight more and mark their territory. On the other hand, intact females can be vocal
and most especially when in season. If you don’t want to have problems, spaying
and neutering is a must. I hope you enjoyed this video. If yes, then give it a thumbs up and watch
our other videos on the screen. See you there!

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