Cat Eye Health


Cat Eye Health

When you look at your cat’s eyes you see beauty but are you aware of what it takes for him to have good cat eye health? This is important because just like other pets, you need to ensure that your cat has the best vision so that he can see well for many years. One major cat eye health problem is conjunctivitis and this is a condition where the cat’s eye becomes inflamed and a common symptom of this illness is a teary eye in cats. If you sense this is what has happened to the cat, you should visit the veterinarian immediately. Another symptom of conjunctivitis is a pink or reddish eye in cats.

 Eye Injuries

 Another thing you should look out for is any sign of injuries to the cat’s eye if you want him to have excellent cat eye health. Cats often get eye injuries when they claw on different items in the house or even on tree branches. Cats also get eye injuries from fighting with other cats. Since severe eye injuries cause blindness, you should let the veterinarian see the cat after the injury occurred.

Cataracts and Glaucoma

 A major part of excellent cat eye health is prevention of cataracts and glaucoma and some symptoms may include cloudy eye lens and pressure in one of the cat’s eyes. If you feel your cat has these issues, you can visit the veterinarian and if he finds cataracts he will remove them so that your cat’s eye health will improve.

Other Symptoms of Cat Eye Problems

 Other symptoms of poor cat eye health in addition to the above mentioned ones include film over the eyes, eyelid irritation, sagging eyes, unusual eye movements in your cat, and cross eyes or lazy eyes. Many of these symptoms do not always mean that blindness will happen and it is possible to reverse some of the symptoms.

Prevention and Holistic Treatments

 When you are riding with the cat in the car, do not let the cat stick his head out the window because as tiny objects and dirt flies in the air, they could get in your cat’s eyes.  Another thing you want to do is keep pollutants away from the cat’s presence and have the cat visit the veterinarian every few weeks for an eye checkup. As for natural treatments, vitamins A, C, and E all have antioxidants that boost cat eye health. Cat food that is high in zinc also improves your cat’s vision and lutein also helps.


 Cat eye health should be taken seriously and aside from visits to the vet, good nutrition and safety measures all work to keep your cat’s eyes healthy.

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