Cat Health & Medical Problems : Cat Health: Diarrhea


From time to time many cats will have an episode
of diarrhea. So one of the things that youwant to do is check your litter box daily
to see if the stool is normal. This stoolin the middle of the box here is a completely
normal stool. It is formed, and it is nottoo hard, it is definitely bend-able and,
and, not so firm that you can’t deform it. This, on the other hand is definitely diarrhea.
This is soft, there’s hardly any form to itand you can see that it’s almost a pudding
consistency. If at home your cat has diarrheajust one time and it seems to be otherwise
healthy, it’s playing, its eating normally,everything else is going well, you can try
adding some soft cooked rice to your cat’sfood for a day or two, and if you’re feeding
a lot of treats, or if it’s been getting anytable food you’d want to discontinue that.
Definitely if the diarrhea continues for morethan a day then you should consult with your
veterinarian about further treatment options.

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