Cat Receives Hydrotherapy For Arthritis


Cat Receives Hydrotherapy For Arthritis

This is a therapy normally undertaken by dogs but this cat receives hydrotherapy for arthritis. A vet has thrown convention away and taught this cat to enjoy a swim.


“A veterinary surgery has taken the unusual step of treating a cat’s arthritis through sessions in a swimming pool.

Fourteen-year-old feline Morph has one hydrotherapy session a week to help ease painful joints.

Jo Scott, principal at South Coast Hydrotherapy School, based at Verwood Hydrotherapy Centre in Wimborne, Dorset, said it usually reserves the treatment for dogs.

But after an initial unsure start, staff said Morph is now doing circuits with a “doggy paddle stroke”.

Well the cat appears to be enjoying it and it appears to be doing it good. So maybe other vets should consider cat hydrotherapy for arthritis.

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