Cat That Just Had A Low Blood Sugar Episode


A reader has a cat that just had a low blood sugar episode and is wondering whether other people have experienced the same thing. The important thing to remember is that when the cat is being treated for cat diabetes part of the treatment should be a radical change in diet. This change in diet more often than not leads to a reduction in diabetes severity and in many cases also a full remission.

This means that the amount of insulin originally prescribed may need to be lowered as the cat slowly improves. If this does not happen then it is easy to overdose your cat with insulin resulting in a low blood sugar episode or even death.

As part of the treatment plan blood sugar should be regularly monitored at home using a blood glucose tester. These are readily available on the internet or from specialist shops.

You should be aware that in some cases Vets are not too keen in having owners do home testing and would prefer to test at the Vets surgery on a regular basis.  The downside of this is firstly cost, secondly the vet visits may not be often enough and thirdly being in a stressful condition cause cats to increase their blood sugar level and therefore the readings may not be accurate as Vets surgeries are generally stressful places for cats.

Home testing is quite easy and we have a video on the site that explains the procedure.

The owner who has the cat that just had a low blood sugar episode writes:-

“He got really bad tonight and I borrowed a glucose testing meter and tested his blood sugar and it was so low it didnt register. I gave him some karo syrup and he promptly threw up his whole dinner. He is doing fine now but I don’t know whether to feed him again or not. He is hungry, of course.”

It is obvious from the above that the insulin dose is far to high or may not even be needed.





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