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Adopting A Diabetic Cat 0

Adopting A Diabetic Cat


Unfortunately there are some owners who when they discover their cats are diabetic panic and either have the cat put down or give it to a charity to rehome. Adopting a diabetic cat is...

Pet Health Crisis In The US 0

Pet Health Crisis In The US


Pet Health Crisis In The US There is a pet health crisis in the US and most people are not even aware of it. The percentage of overweight cats and dogs is increasing the...

cat poo 0

The Hidden Dangers of Cat Poop


The Hidden Dangers of Cat Poop You might not realize just how dangerous cat poop might be. The danger is not from the cat feces itself but from a nasty parasite that is contained...

cat eye infections 0

How to Train a Cat


How to Train a Cat If you own a cat, you might be surprised how easy it can be to train a cat. It can be to remove an unwanted behavior or to teach...

Royal Veterinary College Launches New Feline Diabetic Remission Clinic 0

Cat Diabetes One Year On


A blog writer gives us his view on cat diabetes one year on. It is interesting to note that initially the owners vet was almost suggesting euthanasia! Shame on him, especially when many people are...