Why Do Cats Sleep on Top of Our Heads?


Why Do Cats Sleep on Top of Our Heads?


Cats are known for their weird habits and affinities. They like to curl up in the small places, play with their prey, ringing gifts, kneading, and so on. But, why do cats sleep on top of our heads? For some experts, the answer seems obvious – cats simply like being at peace. When their owners tangle at night or suffer from restless legs, they prefer to change their place of sleeping. Instead of sleeping at the bottom of the bed, they choose more a peaceful place – the owner’s head. Feline experts also believe that cats like to sleep on top of our heads because it represents the warmest part of our body. Namely, it is the place that releases warmth from the rest of our body. Since cats are known for their preference of warmth, they will do everything to reach the warmest place in our bed. Cats need warmth to keep their basal metabolism in balance. They are sparing with their temperature and often try to accumulate more of it. To learn more about possible reasons why cats sleep on top of our heads, the article “3 Reasons Cats Sleep on Your Head” gives us the following explanation.

Why Do Cats Sleep on Top of Our Heads?

– Well, maybe they like the smell of your hair, especially us women we often use products in our hair, and sometimes cats really like that smell or the feel
of the hair. I often have people tell me that the cats lick their hair too. So I think it might be some of those hair products that we use.

– Being that close to you and picking up your scent might also give them a sense of comfort. Your pillow might just be a real comfy place to sleep. So as long
as the kitty is not disturbing your sleep, it’s fine to let the cat do that and enjoy some time with your kitty.

Instead of wondering why cats sleep on top of our heads, some feline experts recommend taking it as a sign of deep affection. Even though cats in the wild usually opt for the safest place to take a rest, our pet cats hardly choose to sleep on top of our heads for safety reasons. Sometimes, sleeping in this place requires a cat to turn their back on us, and it is the highest form of love and trust.

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