Common Cat Care Myths


Common Cat Care Myths


Many cat owners tend to believe in some misconceptions about cats, not knowing that these myths can cause serious problems. The common cat care myths had been spreading through generations of cat owners. False beliefs that had been so often repeated throughout the word of mouth finally become a myth. Thus, cats love for milk was exaggerated because the most households in the past offered it to cats as the only food they had, and cats liked it because of the fat it contains. However, today we know that milk is suitable only for kittens, but adult cats can have a lot of difficulties with milk’s digestion. Veterinarians also warn us that cats who drink milk suffer from parasitic infestation. Another myth about cats refers to their independence. Namely, many owners think that cats are independent and can take care of themselves. Unfortunately, it is not the case. Cats are independent, but not as much as any other animal. As our pets, they need our assistance in brushing, grooming, playing and socialization. They also need a bath from time to time. And they need the annual visit to the vet until they get old. Healthy senior cats need vet visits twice a year. One of the most dangerous myths is widely spread among cat owners. The myth is about cat falls. Surprisingly, a majority of cat owners thinks that cats always land on their feet. This belief is dangerous because many cats get seriously injured during falls, and some of them even die. The deadliest falls are the ones from the lower stories. To learn more about the common cat care myths, the article “Setting the Facts Straight: Common Myths About Your Cat” gives us the following list.

Common Cat Care Myths

1. Cats Always Land on Their Feet

2. Female Cats Should Give Birth before Being Spayed

3. Cats Cannot Be Trained

4. It’s OK for Cats to Eat a Little Chocolate

5. Indoor Cats Cannot Get Diseases

6. Cats Will Steal the Breath of a Baby

7. Brushing a cat’s teeth is silly. Give me a break.

8. Cats Have Nine Lives… Do They Really Need Regular Check-ups?

9. Table Scraps are Okay for My Cat

10. My Cat Flicks Her Tail, She Must Be Happy

Debunking myths is very important for a health condition and well-being of cats. As we have seen, believing in misconceptions about cat care can harm our furry friends and even lead to premature death. Keeping ourselves informed and using our common sense will help our cat live a long and healthy life.

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