Diabetes in cats – Dr. Justine Lee


If your cat was just diagnosed with
diabetes don’t fretit’s totally treatable but it does
require more frequent veterinary visitswith diabetes your cat’s blood sugar is
too elevated and the reason why isbecause the pancreas or the organ
doesn’t produce enough insulin. That’swhy you as a cat owner have to give that
insulin twice a day. Now, this soundsintimidating initially but I promise you
it’s really easy to do once you get usedto it. The reason why we have to give the
insulin is because that pushes the sugarinto your cat cells so it’s really important.
If you ever notice that your cat iseating more, getting overweight but
urinating a lot and having huge clumpsin the litter box those are classic
signs for diabetes. Get to a vet rightaway.
The sooner we diagnose diabetes theeasier and less expensive it is to treat.

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