Do Cats Choose Their Owners?


Do Cats Choose Their Owners?


Although, there are many articles spreading on the Internet that try to help people in choosing the right cat for them, many cat owners have different opinions. In fact, a lot of them have experienced the opposite situation – their cat chose them! But, what does it mean? For some cat owners, especially who have adopted a strayed cat, it happens spontaneously. Namely, their cat simply appeared on their doorstep out of a clear blue sky. For another, this often has happened in a shelter, or when visiting someone who has a litter of cats ready for adoption. All too often when they were about to pick a cat, which is right for them, the one of the cats suddenly jumps into their lap, stretches out its paw, or does something equally or more unusual to grab the attention of its future owners. The article “Do Cats Choose the People They Live With?” describes some examples when the cat have chosen their owners.

Do Cats Choose Their Owners?

This was the case with Cali Blu, a calico kitten my wife and I found stuck in a sewage drain. Her little cries for help still resonate in the recesses of my mind to this day. I’m just thankful that we were at the right place at the right time. She was sweet and gentle and allowed us to take her home. After staying with us for six weeks, she turned out to be a beautiful, healthy, and happy kitty. With the help of our local humane society where we were volunteers, we were able to find a very caring gentleman who wanted a cat to keep him company during the day while he worked. Yes, fostering Cali Blu wasn’t initially in our plans. But, she seemed to know that we would be the ones to take care of her and find her the right and perfect home.

A friend of mine was going through a divorce and had lost all motivation and joy in her life. Her family decided to adopt a cat on her behalf in hopes that the cat would provide her companionship and to take her mind off the challenges she was facing. The cat seemed to know exactly what to do and gave her life a new-found purpose.

Another woman I know worked at a family-owned business. The office was usually dull, lonely, and quiet, so she dreaded going to work each day. At home, simply by being in the presence of her cat, she found herself being more productive with her personal chores and hobbies. She felt that her cat was not only a great companion but, also a great helper and supporter of her when she needed to get things done at home.
So, since the cat made her happy and more productive, she thought it would be wonderful if she could bring her cat with her to work. Her boss reluctantly agreed. Since then, the cat comes to work with her every day and lies on her desk or in a small carrier bed. She found great joy and comfort in having her cat close by. She also felt that her work improved and she was able to accomplish more tasks.

According to many cat owners and their experience when their lovely pet entered their life, it is possible that cats are very intuitive and can choose their owners by intuition. As a significant number of cat owners feel, the cats appear in their life for certain purposes. No matter what are the reasons why a cat has picked its owner, they are the great companions that provide their owners with a lot of love and joy. Their presence in people’s lives is precious, and the life after cat adoption is significantly changed in a positive way.

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