Facts about Persian Cats


Facts about Persian Cats


The majority of cat owners loves every cat, no matter what their breed is. However, to develop a close bond with a cat, we need to consider not only our preferences but also our personality and lifestyle. Only then, we can start looking for a cat, which will be the perfect one for us. Thus, the first thing to know about Persian cats is that they are affectionate, cute, relaxed cats, which need a lot of sleep. Although they are family oriented, they develop a special bond with one family member only. The Persian cat will choose its favorite person carefully, and devote itself unconditionally. Their devotion and attachment should not be mistaken with neediness. They are neither demanding nor possessive. They simply like to be petted more than other cats and adore being cuddled while curling in the lap. To find out more facts about Persian cats, the article “Interesting Facts about Persian Cats” describes the most intriguing ones.

Facts about Persian Cats

1. Persians were named Persians after what some consider to be their “country of origin” (Persia).

2. In North America, Persians are considered the most popular breed.

3. Persians have sweet personalities.

4. Persians have petite but solid boned legs to support their wide diminutive bodies. Liking their feet firmly planted on the ground makes for Persians to
be more on the ground cats.

5. Persians come in an amazing array of colors, divided into seven color divisions for purposes of competition in the American Cat Fanciers Association.

6. A Persian, under the care of a trusted personal vet married with good nutrition and care, can live with their family for an average of fifteen to twenty

7. Persians that are show quality have long (sometimes overly so- high maintenance grooming is necessary for these babies!) thick coats, stout legs, a
broad head with the ears set far apart.

8. A little known fact about these angelic purr babies is that due to having such flat faces, their teeth deteriorates at a much faster rate than teeth of
other breeds.

9. There are three faces of a Persian cat. The show quality face has the extreme face with little to no break in the nose.

However, Persian cats do not belong to a group of inquisitive and active cats. They are not adventurous cats. In their genes, there is no hint of exploratory nature. Even though some people do not like them for being “couch potatoes”, Persian cats are playful animals. They like playing with the kids and enjoy their company. Due to their long hair, they need regular brushing at least once a week for twenty minutes. Otherwise, their beautiful hair can end up as matted, bristle, and shabby coat. Persian cats are perfect for people who adore sweet and gentle breed because their innocent eyes and round face make Persian cats one of the cutest breeds in the world. According to psychologists, their popularity Persian cats owe to baby-like face that many humans throughout the world find irresistible.

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  1. I had no idea that a Persian could live up to twenty years; that’s really awesome! That’s definitely a lot longer than most dogs, which tend to live only to about twelve years. If I got a Persian cat for my two year old daughter, it could still be around when she leaves for college. That’s pretty amazing if you think about it.

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