Fat Cat Diseases


Fat Cat Diseases

In the same way overweight linked diseases in humans are on the rise, a vet has said that fat cat diseases are increasing. Many cat owners give their cats treats and unsuitable diets and this is leading to obesity and problems such as heart disease, diabetes and even depression.

Here is the full report:-

“Mr Abraham, resident vet for BBC Breakfast, said: “I see overweight cats every single day. It is a real problem and needs to be brought to people’s attention.

“I’ve seen them up to 8kg or 9kg. They are supposed to be about 4kg.

“By feeding them treats people are killing their cats with their kindness. As a result they can suffer from everything from diabetes and arthritis to depression”

Is there not a remarkable parallel with what is happening with humans and what is happening with our pets? A poor diet and a couch potato lifestyle has seen an increase in diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancers. In many cases these types of illnesses can be reversed or prevented. For cats you need to ensure that they get plenty of exercise and are fed a high animal protein and very low carbohydrate diet. This means no dry food! And look at the contents of your manufactured food. Our previous posting pointed out some of the ingredients in commercial food. Yuck!!

The best food you can give your cat is a raw food diet that is close to what it would eat in thew wild. In thew wild the cat eats small rodents, birds and mammals, and it eats them whole which includes the skeleton.

There are many recipes for raw and natural food on our website and if you do a Google search you will find many more. By paying attention to your cats diet and making sure it gets plenty of exercise you will ensure that its chances of getting those fat cat diseases are low and hopefully your cat will live to a ripe old age.

fat cat diseases

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  2. richie says:

    great info about cats, richie

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